Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Riggs Replies...and More

Mr. Riggs has replied via email to this website.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time in my schedule to update and re-design this site as I had originally intended - however I am a regular poster on the James Randi Education Foundation website, and I have posted his responses and my rebuttals via email at the following thread:

Additionally, I have invited Mr. Riggs to join that thread, so that he may justify and rationalize his actions in his own words.

I will most likely continue most of the discourse there rather than continuing to update this blog.

In all actuality, the following three links to the Skeptic's Dictionary are more than sufficient to discredit nearly everything he claims:

Multiple Personality Disorder/Disassociative Identity Disorder
Satanic Ritual Abuse
Illuminati and Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists

Make sure to read the source material at the bottom of the articles.

If some of Riggs' congregation are reading this, and I'm fairly certain that they are, you have my sympathy first of all. Please read through the links I have provided, and then discuss with Pastor Riggs the points brought up in them. See how far you get with it.


  1. It sure seems like Doug R hasn't learned anything or changed anything, meaning repented of his behaviors towards women or towards the people he has shown abusive behavior towards! He states people have not come forward??? If you have anything to refute with him you are not entitled to your own opinion because if you do not agree with his methods you are totally shot down. I would also like to ask where is the proof that all these child sacrifices or sacrifices of people and the claim has been thousands upon thousands; where is the evidence? The witnesses according to Scripture should be that they are so utterly certain that they have no doubt in their mind that they would be willing to drop a boulder on the head of the person accused of the so called satanic crime to hasten the death process. Are the people that remain with D/R so certain of all the people that they have accused of satanic activity including their parents, siblings, spouses, children, fellow SAINTS and others that they would be willing to drop a boulder on someone's head? I don't believe in my mind that the Lord would allow that unless it were utterly true and then our great God would much rather show mercy! Please people that are with D & L R, have your own sound mind. I would challenge all of you to leave that flock and have no contact with them for a month and ask the true & living God to show you what is truth and give you back a sound mind! The one He intends you to have! For your own eternal future. There are many Scriptures that say some come preaching another Jesus and that we may well put up with it! Do not be deceived! Yes there is a Satanic conspiracy; it is all over the Scriptures that Satan hates God and that he intends to assemble an army in the end to come against the Lord! Where does it say to fear that? It will come to pass but God is always in control and we need not fear what the enemy is doing. Focus on what our Father & Brother want us to do while these things come to pass spread the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God. That is what Jesus did while He walked the earth. Find it in the Scriptures! He did the will of His Father and said to Love Him above all others and to keep His commandments. Christ said His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Why would he put such a burden as D/R has put on people? The angel spoke to Satan and said THE LORD rebuke you. He did not engage in conversation and rantings at Satan like D/R does. Where is your humility Mr. R? Most of the people that you injured have not seen it! You expect people to come to you? Doesn't Scripture say to leave YOUR sacrifice on the altar and go to your brother whom you injured??? In all my life I have never seen someone as arrogant as you and you try to disguise it by using your knowledge of Scripture. I think you yourself are a wounded individual that may have had a heart at one time but you have let the enemy truly mess with your mind! You accuse the whole church in the West as being Laodecian! Much of that may be true as we have sold out to marketing and business principles. IF you keep God's commands as He intended, why do you not keep the Sabbath. Isn't that Saturday? That is the day the Lord blessed and said is Holy? Please come off your high horse and get right with the people you have injured instead of saying they need to come to you and YES you do know who they all are. You are not stupid!

  2. Something that should be clarified here...I won't touch the subject of whether or not the events of the Biblical end-times will come to pass or not with reference to a "Satanic Conspiracy."

    All I will say is that is no solid evidence that an intergenerational conspiracy of Illuminati/Satanists/New World Order as presented and espoused by Mr. Riggs even exists.

  3. To the followers of Mr. Riggs. Please read a book called The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse. What would it hurt? See if there is any relevant information in there for you that may be helpful. Would you be allowed to do that? Do you have the choice to do that? Are you afraid to do that?

  4. I too went to Morning Star Testimony from its earliest inception. That is another whole blog in itself, needless to say, I am very happy that this site exists and will expose the nature of riggs' delusions. I listened to doug riggs/dan webb's SRA/DID End Time Background, from May 1, 2010 radio session, and I thought it was very enlightening that riggs said and I quote him, "[Dan Webb] becoming aware they he had issues that were not resolved by just hearing the word of god, trauma related issues cannot be prayed away or studied away..." HEREIN lies the deception of Doug Riggs, herein lies the very essence of his trickery upon the Church!! Getting the believer away from the authority granted ONLY by the Word of God. Steering the believer away from the Word of God! Did not the serpent do the same to eve??? "Hath God said..." Wow! and all this time, I wondered what it was that lay at the very heart of Doug's deception, and now I know!! The words inspired by the Holy Spirit that give life, truth, sustenance, clarity, understanding, wisdom ARE the only source for healing. Oh my, the scriptures are replete with the life-giving and healing properties of the Word of God! 2 Tim 2:15 "Study to show thyself approved TO GOD...rightly dividing the word of truth." In Hebrews 4:12 (NIV), "For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." Oh, Riggs is subtle, such a player, such a magician with the Word! He subtly says, oh no, trauma cannot be dealt with by prayer and the WORD OF GOD!!! It's me you must listen to, my interpretation of the Bible, my dissertations. May the Lord smash riggs at the very heart of his deception, in Jesus' Name!