Monday, May 10, 2010

"In Satan's Name"

The following are excerpts from the 1994 documentary "In Satan's Name" by BAFTA-award winning UK filmmaker Antony Thomas. This aired on the British ITV network, and the United States on HBO. It has recently come into rotation on the US Arts and Entertainment cable network.

The content of this video should be more than sufficient to convince an objective observer that what Doug Riggs practiced then, and still practices, is not "therapy." His claims are absurd on the surface, and practically don't need any debunking - as bizarre as they seem.

One of the posters on another board I frequent said something akin to the following after seeing these videos: "I guess he's not very good at casting out demons, since they keep coming back."

This is the same Doug Riggs that would have you believe in a world where the CIA has continued the MKULTRA program, and that it's being run by Nephilim/Freemasons/Satanists, and has programmed thousands of people through horrendous child sacrifices (of which there appears to be a conspicuous lack of evidence).

However, my opinion is that there are those that cling to such theories for validation, self-importance, or because they've been eating out of the hand of a seriously deluded egomaniac who wraps up this garbage in the disguise of becoming utterly dependent upon Jesus Christ in the deepest and most desperate of ways. The severity of that statement should be enough to give any person pause, regardless of your stance on faith.

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